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Vonage is a VoIP company that makes both programs and physical devices that access its network.


According to their website, Vonage products use a number of protocols. The following identifications are for Vonage phone adaptors. The best way to filter traffic via a phone adaptor is by its static IP or MAC address.


  • [OUT] UDP 53 DNS - required for name resolutions.
  • [OUT] UDP 21, 69 & 2400 TFTP - required for updating the phone adaptor.
  • [OUT] UDP 80 HTTP - required for account authentication. (unsure - may use TCP as well)
  • [OUT] UDP 123 NTP - required for caller ID and the current time.
  • [OUT] UDP 5060 & 5061 SIP - required for making phone calls. (pre-2005 Phone Adaptors)
  • [OUT] UDP 10000 to 20000 RTP - required for audio transmissions. Connects to CIDR: (Whois

See Vonage Port Forwarding and Linksys Photo Adaptor Model PAP2 for more information.

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