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GameSpy Arcade is a shareware multiplayer game server browsing utility. With GameSpy players may view and connect to available multiplayer games, and chat to other users of the service.



According to the offical GameSpy website the following ports must be available in order to access GameSpy Arcade. Note: Gamespy may also require inbound traffic for P2P (unverified).

  • [OUT] TCP 6667 - IRC
  • [OUT] TCP 3783 - Voice chat
  • [OUT] UDP 27900 - Master server heartbeat
  • [OUT] UDP 28900 - Master server list request
  • [OUT] TCP 29900 - GP connection manager
  • [OUT] TCP 29901 - GP search manager
  • [OUT] UDP 13139 - Custom pings
  • [OUT] UDP 6515 - Dplay
  • [OUT] UDP 6500 - Query


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